Kudra and her son Asaac from Burundi.


This is Kudra and her son Asaac. They are from Burundi, she is a refugee and has valid papers to work in SA. Her family has rejected her due to her changing her religion, her words to me ” Bianca I need you to be my family sister cause I don’t have family, I am alone. I don’t have anybody who can help me as my whole family reject because i change my religion, I leave in this world alone with pain”. But it gets worse, Kudra has had to give up her 4 year old boy (to his father in Tanzania) as she cant financially support him. All she wants is to get her son back as she says he is her joy and happiness. This lady is desperate for any kind of job, she would be a brilliant waitress, and is even willing to do domestic work.

Is anyone willing to contribute towards her travel to Tanzania to get her son back? Please let me know if you would like to contribute? We will be eternally grateful.

Please contact us if you can help. Thank you xx13925330_1763211483894096_1016723557008423047_n 13939427_1766305190251392_2446403588614460240_n

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